Agila Honesuki Knife Itamae Knife & Sheath No
Agila Honesuki Knife Itamae
Agila Honesuki Knife Itamae
Agila Honesuki Knife Itamae

Agila Honesuki

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This knife is specifically designed for de-boning and breaking down poultry, but many people find that its also capable of filleting fish and red meat, or carrying out many of the tasks. This knife works incredibly well for deboning poultry and cutting through soft joints. Perfect for cutting through cartilage and tendons. With a pointed tip and a triangular profile, this enables the user to get into the tightest places and strip meat from the bone with precision.

*Please note*
Keep DRY when not using to avoid rust. This knife needs maintenance. NOT for users who are looking for stainless steel or easy to maintain knives.  Due to the high carbon steel used, this knife must be properly maintained to keep away from rust and corrosion.

Comes with Genuine Cowhide Leather Sheath


  • Steel: Carbon Leaf Spring
  • Blade Length: 150mm
  • Blade Width at Spine: 2.6mm
  • Overall Length: 285mm
  • Weight: 112g* approx.
  • HRC: 59-60

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