San Mai Set Itamae
San Mai Set Itamae

Osaka San Mai Set

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Itamae Series San Mai Set
This Itamae Series Knife Set is ideal for any busy kitchen! Prep food faster and easier with this 3 piece set that comes with a personalized name on all knives.                                                                                                
Set includes: Nakiri, Santoku and Gyuto Knife with FREE laser engraving on all blades.

Nakiri Knife (14 inch)

Nakiri is considered to be a useful knife to cut without splitting or cracking relatively hard vegetables. Usually used as a vegetable chopping knife, Nakiri knife is very popular among vegetarians.

Santoku Knife (13.4 inch)

A Santoku has a flat profile which allows it to connect with the board more easily. Use it for cutting meat, slicing cheese, mincing meat or herbs and chopping vegetables, fruits and nuts.  Its flat blade makes easy work of chopping onions, leeks, celery, and herbs.

Gyuto Knife (14.5 inch)

Your All Purpose Knife. Many home cooks can handle most daily jobs in the kitchen with one versatile knife like a Gyuto. It’s one of the first knives you have to have in your kitchen.      

Hand wash ONLY with mild detergent and DRY THOROUGHLY after use.

Itamae Knife Care